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Singapore Lawyer - When do you need a lawyer?

While some legal matters need the use of an attorney, some such as going to small claims courts or fighting a speeding ticket do not require an attorney. Nevertheless, some situations like the ones dealing with legal disputes, deal or challenge may require you to hire a lawyer because the last thing you want to do is risk the chance of going it alone.

To file court...


Singapore Lawyer - What should i do if i have been stalked?

While walking down the street, do you feel like somebody is following you? Or when you are at work, do you feel uneasy as if someone is watching you? Or is it that you are noticing a certain someone wherever you go? If your answer to anyone of these questions is %u201Cyes%u201D, then know that you have a stalker.

Do not take these feelings or intuition or actual proof too ...


Singapore Lawyer: Six mistakes to avoid when hiring the right lawyer

Finding and hiring the right lawyer in Singapore is not only essential to win a case but is crucial to ensure that you do not end up facing graver dilemmas even when you have to lose. Most people have the tendency to think that any lawyer would be able to handle their case forgetting that lawyers have their specialized areas of law such as civil, criminal, bankruptcy and ...


Lawyer-Singapore: Why hire us to help you on criminal and fraud cases?

One saying cites that, Man is to Error, which means that everyone will one time or another commit an error. Some are minor, while others are more serious, which could lead a person being sued in court. Whichever the case, there is always a chance to prove that the given offences was not committed intentionally. That is the reason why a lawyer will always be available to...