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Singapore Lawyer - What should i do if i have been stalked?



While walking down the street, do you feel like somebody is following you? Or when you are at work, do you feel uneasy as if someone is watching you? Or is it that you are noticing a certain someone wherever you go? If your answer to anyone of these questions is %u201Cyes%u201D, then know that you have a stalker.

Do not take these feelings or intuition or actual proof too lightly! Being stalked (including cyber stalking) is very serious, and it will affect you in a negative way. So, what should you do now? Leave Singapore and move to another country with a new identity? Or lock your doors and windows and hide under the covers? Neither! This is because; you have the Protection from Harassment Act 2014.

Is this mean end of being stalked?

According to this Act; if you have been stalked and want to get rid of the person who is stalking you then you can do that by applying for protection in the Court.

This Act is definitely a bad news for any kind of stalker as this landmark legislation recognizes stalking as an offence. Besides stalking, some of the other offences that were laid out in Protection from Harassment Act 2014 are:

- Causing distress
- Causing alarm
- Causing fear
- Harassment
- Threatening
- Provoking an act of violence
- Insulting and/or abusing a public service worker or public servant.

The best thing about this Act is that it is not only applicable on stalking in the physical world but also in the virtual world too. Because of the growing use of internet and different social media platforms, it has become easy for a person to cause distress to a Singaporean even if the person happens to live thousands of miles away. So, if your stalker lives outside of Singapore and is stalking you online then know that you can take the help of this Act. But, do understand that there are certain conditions needed to be complied.


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