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Singapore Lawyer - When do you need a lawyer?



While some legal matters need the use of an attorney, some such as going to small claims courts or fighting a speeding ticket do not require an attorney. Nevertheless, some situations like the ones dealing with legal disputes, deal or challenge may require you to hire a lawyer because the last thing you want to do is risk the chance of going it alone.

To file court documents properly:

Aside from understanding how to file court documents properly, attorneys can comfortably handle other legal procedures. If you are not a lawyer, you are likely to have difficulties filling out or filing certain legal documents. Beating the deadline and following the protocol properly while filling out those documents may also be a problem. Remember, one incorrect filing or late filling can delay a given legal procedure, derail your case, or even worse; have your case thrown out altogether (and not in your favor).

To challenge or suppress evidence:

The complexity of a court of law makes it difficult to even know that the main piece of evidence against you was obtained improperly. Ideally, without an experienced attorney, you may not know that the testimony of a witness contradicts an earlier statement. It may also be difficult to know whether the crime lab comprehensively handled the evidence. With an attorney, you will be in a good position to challenge and even suppress evidence.

When you are not certain how to plead:

Let alone knowing how to plead, more than a few people do not know the definition of “pleading”. To some, pleading guilty may be the only choice, especially if there are charges pointing directly at them. However, if you have an attorney who knows and understands the law well, your situation can be twisted until you escape the potential severe penalties of a court of law. In some cases, attorneys have helped their clients escape the penalties of a court of law even before the start of a criminal trial.

Because the law is normally complicated:

Certain legal instances do not require you to act like an attorney, especially if you are not one. Reviewing a contract and embarking on other endeavors with legal ramifications are two examples. Considering the fact that even experienced and knowledgeable attorneys hardly represent themselves in a court of law, hiring a lawyer is highly crucial. A solid case can quickly come into existence without the help of an attorney. Furthermore, failing to have a lawyer when dealing with certain procedures such as starting a business, can lead to otherwise avoidable penalties.


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